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Work with fish

For our client we are looking for employees interested in working with fish.

Flexible Human Services has already been a partner in the international recruitment market for 20 years. The company, which started as a small team in 2002, has grown and developed into a professional organisation employing more than 2000 temporary workers in over 150 companies every day. With innovative systems, in-depth knowledge and a working method that meets the most rigorous standards. We are familiar with hiring temporary workers and secondments in the logistics, manufacturing, food and technical industries.

Function description:

  • cutting, filleting and cleaning fish
  • packing and preparing for transportation

For this we are looking for someone who:

  • has the bility to work with fish
  • is available for a longer period or permanently
  • has good nowledge of English  language or/and Dutch
  • has a strong motivation to work

We offer:

  • guaranteed hours
  • double room for couples
  • no age rate
  • weekly payments
  • free transport to work
  • extra bonuses for transporting colleagues to work (up to €100 per week)
  • health insurance and care of our coordinator
  • opportunity to participate in free language course

We reserve the right to contact only selected candidates.